Department of Environmental Life Sciences
Division of Genetic Ecology

Plant Reproductive Genetics 分野

Akira Kanno
キャンパス Katahira キャンパス
専攻分野 Plant molecular breeding
連絡先 022-217-5725

My interests are the molecular mechanisms of floral development in monocot plants, especially in asparagus and orchids. I am also interested in the evolution of floral morphology and dioecy.


Apr. 1992 Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, JSPS (PD)
Feb. 1993 Research Associate, Institute of Genetic Ecology, Tohoku University
Jun. 1993 Assistant Professor, Institute of Genetic Ecology, Tohoku University
Aug. 1997 – Jul. 1999 Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research Abroad, JSPS (Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Germany)
Feb. 1999 Associate Professor, Institute of Genetic Ecology, Tohoku University
Apr. 2001 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University
Apr. 2007 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University

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所属学会 Japanese Society of Breeding, The Japanese Society for Horticultural Science, The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists, The Botanical Society of Japan, International Society for Horticultural Science

Advanced Lecture on Plant Reproductive Genetics (graduate school)
Advanced Lecture on Environmental Life Sciences(graduate school)
Advanced Cell Biology(graduate school)
Advanced Lecture on Life Sciences (undergraduate)


For our asparagus research, we found the DNA marker for identifying the sex of asparagus. This marker is very useful because now we can distinguish male and female asparagus before those plants flower. Also, we generated interspecific hybrids between garden and wild asparagus in order to develop new asparagus cultivars. For the research of floral development, we isolated many floral homeotic genes from orchids. We are now analyzing the expression pattern of those genes.


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