Department of Environmental Life Sciences
Division of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Plant Ecology 分野

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Masahiro Aiba
キャンパス Aobayama キャンパス
専攻分野 Plant ecology, Community ecology
連絡先 +81-22-795-5790

How abundances and distributions of organisms are determined? How do various properties of organisms and the communities influence surrounding organisms, environment and human society? To answer these questions, I am studying about a variety of themes including biotic interactions, organisms’ responses to environment, plant physiology and forest ecosystem functions and services.


In 2002, I got my bachelor's degree in life science at Nagoya University. In 2005, I got my master's in ecology at the Center for Ecological Research at Kyoto University. In 2007, I took my Ph.D in science at the Center for Ecological Research at Kyoto University. After that, I worked as a research fellow at Tohoku University and Hokkaido University. I am an assistant professor in Tohoku University from January 2015.




I am a member of the Ecological Society of Japan.


Training course of ecology


I have assembled a database of functional traits of tree species in East Asia. I am planning to publish a suite of papers on quantitative assessment and prediction of ecosystem functions and services in the region based on the database.


Do you know why there are abundant species and rare species? Can you answer why a species present in a place but not in other places? These are quite simple but fundamental questions of community ecology. I am happy if you share my interest on these questions.