Department of Developmental Biology and Neurosciences
Division of Developmental Regulation

Developmental Neurobiology 分野

Toshihiko Ogura
キャンパス Seiryo キャンパス
専攻分野 Developmental Neurobiology
連絡先 022-717-8564

I aim for a new biology. I also try to engage in research that will be at least of some use. I am waiting for people who have an interest in mathematics, physics, and engineering, and who are interested in creating new medicines.


Graduated School of Medicine, Tohoku University, 1984; completed Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University, 1988. Achieved current position in 2003 after serving as a pediatrician and working at Yale University, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and the Nara Institute of Science and Technology.


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PNAS 104, 11274, 2007.
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The Molecular Biology Society of Japan, Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists


Advanced Lecture on Neurobiology


Force is constantly being applied to the systems and cells of living and moving animals. For example, body weight (gravity) places a load on the bones and muscles, and blood pressure on the blood vessels. As can be observed in the atrophy of the bones of astronauts living in zero gravity, without such stimuli, these systems quickly wither away. So, how does the stimuli of such forces influence cells and maintain homeostasis? We are researching these mechanisms. We are also pursuing possibilities for creating medicines which apply these mechanisms. Doing so may lead us to finding a medicine which prevents bone atrophy in bedridden senior citizens, provides powerful protection for muscles, and burns fat even without intense exercise (an exercise pill, so to speak). Let us elucidate the hidden biological mechanisms which no one has yet figured out and create a new biology and medicine.







Since my time as a young graduate student, I have valued research aimed at publication in highly ranked journals. The active pursuit of research and enjoyment of science are significant influences on the nature of a researcher. Let us pursue active research and the hottest science together.