Department of Developmental Biology and Neurosciences
Division of Developmental Biology

Developmental Dynamics 分野

Yukihiko Kubota
キャンパス Katahira キャンパス
専攻分野 Developmental Biology, Molecular Cellular Biology, Genetics
連絡先 022-217-6195

When I was a graduated student, I studied molecular mechanisms of the migration pattern of neural crest, a vertebrate-specific embryonic tissue.
From 2001, I am studying molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis using the nematode C. elegans, which is a model organism that can be adopted for molecular, cellular, and genetic approaches. My current efforts are aimed at figuring out the evolutionally conserved molecular/genetic network that is required for regulation of cell behavior during development.


1991: B.Sc., Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Kanazawa University
1997: Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University
2010-present: Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Life Science, Tohoku University
(Past positions)
Research fellow (PD) of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Osaka University)
Special Postdoctoral Researcher, RIKEN
Researcher, Center for Developmental Biology, RIKEN
Postdoctoral Researcher, Kwansei Gakuin University


Kubota Y., Tsuyama K., Takabayashi Y., Haruta N., Maruyama R., Iida N., Sugimoto A. (2014) The PAF1 complex is involved in embryonic epidermal morphogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans. Dev Biol 39, 43-53

Kim HS. et al., (2014) The novel secreted factor MIG-18 acts with MIG-17/ADAMTS to control cell migration in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics 196, 471-479

Doi M. et al., (2013) The novel Rac effector RIN-1 regulates neuronal cell migration and axon pathfinding in C. elegans. Development 140, 3435-3444

Kubota Y., Nagata K., Sugimoto A., Nishiwaki K. (2012) Tissue architecture in the Caenorhabditis elegans gonad depends on interactions among fibulin-1, type IV collagen and the ADAMTS extracellular protease. Genetics 190, 1379-1388

Kubota Y., Ohkura K. et al., (2008) MIG-17/ADAMTS controls cell migration by recruiting nidogen to the basement membrane in C. elegans. PNAS 105, 20804-20809

Nishiwaki K. and Kubota Y. (2007) Role of the basement membrane in cell migration. In "principles of Developmental Genetics", ed. Sally Moody (Academic Press, USA) pp.404-423

Kubota Y. et al., (2006) The conserved oligomeric Golgi complex acts in organ morphogenesis via glycosylation of an ADAM protease in C. elegans. Development 133, 263-274

Kubota Y. et al., (2004) A fibulin-1 homolog interacts with an ADAM protease that controls cell migration in C. elegans. Curr Biol 4, 2011-2018

Nishiwaki K. et al., (2004) An NDPase links ADAM protease glycosylation with organ morphogenesis in C. elegans. Nat Cell Biol 6, 31-37

Kubota Y and Ito K (2000) Chemotactic migration of mesencephalic neural crest cells in the mouse. Dev Dyn 217, 170-179

所属学会 The Molecular Biology Society of Japan, Japanese Society of Developmental Biology, The Zoological Society of Japan, Japan Matrix Club
担当講義 Exercises in Biology, Practical Training in Molecular Biology, Practical Training in Fundamental Biology


Organisms and organs are made from the coordinated efforts of various types of cells. However, in the developmental process of tissues, organs, and organisms, cells need to grow while their shapes and arrangement changes dynamically. In our laboratory, we investigate molecular regulators of cell behavior and their control mechanisms using high-resolution microscopic imaging technology. Our approach consists of not only identifying molecules that support the morphology of cells necessary for ontogenesis but also integrally analyzing the spatiotemporal control of molecular and inter-cellular interactions in multicellular-organisms.

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What you learned as an undergraduate and graduate student will serve as the basis for your subsequent activities in society. Through your activities at graduate school and in the lab, I want you to set your own objectives and issues, build a daily routine of continuous efforts aimed at resolving these, and become a decision-maker.