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About Issuance of Various Certificates

About Issuance of Various Certificates

How to Apply

  • Please complete the Request for Issuance of Certificate (designated form) and submit it to the Academic Affairs Section of the Graduate School of Life Sciences. The application may be submitted in the office, by mail, or by campus Gakunaibin mail.
  • To request the certificate in a special sealed envelope, please write "sealed" in the remarks column of the form.
  • Current students may use the automatic certificate machines.
    (Certificates that cannot be printed by the automatic certificate machines will be issued by the Academic Affairs Section, so please submit a request form for such certificates).
  • A scanned copy of the requested certificate (PDF file) may be send by email, but it will not be the original certificate and the mark indicating that it is a copy will be visible. Those who need only the original hard copy of the certificate should send us a self-addressed stamped envelope together with the request form.

The certificate will be issued the day after the application is submitted, but please apply well in advance in case the form is to be mailed on a weekend or holidays.

About Fees and Commissions

No fee is required. You will only be charged for postage in case of sending it by mail.

Return envelope and stamps
(for those who wish to recieve the certificates via mail)

The issued certificate can be sent to you by mail. If you reside in Japan, please prepare a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your name, address, and postal code, and send it to us along with your request form.

For standard size envelopes (定形封筒)
   1 to 2 certificates - 84 yen
   3 to 5 certificates - 94 yen
For non-standard envelopes (定形外の封筒)
   4 to 7 certificates - 120 yen

★ If you wish the certificates to be sent by express mail, please add 260 yen stamps to the stamp fee above.

For those who live outside of Japan and need original copies of certificates, please contact the Academic Affairs Section by e-mail.
lif-kyom*grp.tohoku.ac.jp (please change "*" to "@")

Contact for requests and inquiries

Academic Affairs Section, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University
980-8577 Miyagi, Sendai, Aoba-ku, Katahira 2-1-1
Tel: 022-217-5706
Email: lif-kyom*grp.tohoku.ac.jp (please change "*" to "@")