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Aquatic Ecology

Aquatic Ecology

Ecosystems are an interplay of organisms (players) and physicochemical environments (arena). To forecast ecosystem responses to changing environments,therefore, it is crucial to know how organisms maximize their fitness through interactions with other organisms and physicochemical environments and how they function in given ecosystems. From this point of view, we perform field-oriented studies to integrate understanding from genes to ecosystems. To accomplish this object, we specifically study physiological ecology, population genetics,  and trophic interactions in aquatic ecosystems such as rivers, lakes, and coasts using techniques in molecular ecology, biogeochemistry, and ecological stoichiometry.

URLs http://tohokuecology.jp/aquatic

Faculty Members

Professor URABE Jotaro
  • The trophic dynamics and ecological stoichiometry of aquatic ecosystems.
  • Ecological impacts of changes in local and global environmental conditions on community and ecosystem processes.
Assistant Professor MAKINO Wataru
  • Phylogeography of Japanese freshwater zooplankton
  • DNA barcoding on Japanese freshwater zooplankton
  • Ecological stoichiometry in freshwater zooplankton