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Molecular Genetics and Physiology

Molecular Genetics and Physiology

Our research aims to elucidate the mechanisms of genome maintenance in nuclei and organelles, stress response, and symbiosis in bacteria, plants, and animals under global climate change. Our broad objectives are to understand the specific regulatory events that control these processes, as well as the more fundamental aspects of DNA repair, transcriptional activation, and post-transcriptional modification.

Research Overview

We are now heavily focused on the following subjects: 1) molecular and physiological responses to environmental stresses (increasing and decreasing temperatures, UV radiation, salt, microgravity, and space radiation); 2) genome wide analysis of naturally occurring intra-species variation in physiology, environmental response, and plant-microbe interaction; and 3) applied biology for the sustenance of crop yields against climate change, through the use of the model organisms, Arabidopsis, Oryza sativa, Lotus japonicas, and the nematode C. elegans.

URLs http://www.ige.tohoku.ac.jp/genome/MGP/

Faculty Members

Professor HIGASHITANI Atsushi
  • Fundamental study of muscular atrophy in response to oxidative damage and microgravity using the nematode C. elegans
  • Hypoxia response by mitochondrial damage
  • Effect of increasing or decreasing temperatures on microsporogenesis of plants
Associate Professor HIDEMA Jun
  • Clarification of the mechanisms of resistance to ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation in higher plant, and the creation of new UVB resistant crop plants.
  • Clarification of molecular mechanisms of radiation, including UVB radiation, induced DNA damages and mutations in higher plants.
  • Study on UVB-environmental sensing of higher plants; UVB-regulated gene expression and organelle localization of CPD photolyase.
  • Field testing impact of increased UVB radiation or current solar UVB radiation on growth and yield of rice.
Assistant Professor TERANISHI Mika
  • Research on the structure and function of DNA repair enzyme CPD photolyase.
  • UV resistance mechanisms in plants.