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Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology

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Research Overview

How and why did biological diversity evolve as it has? And how is that diversity maintained? By answering these questions, we can learn the value and functions of biological diversity and ecosystems. Gaining a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of evolution and the functions of ecosystems will lead to the development of methods for predicting the future of ecosystems and properly maintaining them. Understanding the value and functions of ecosystems and biological diversity, developing methods to protect these, and advancing appropriate conservation activities are the goals of the Laboratory of Conservation Biology.

URLs http://www.evlcos.com/ http://www.cneas.tohoku.ac.jp/

Faculty Members

Professor CHIBA Satoshi
  • Species diversity creation and maintenance mechanism based on a sea and island ecological model
  • Understanding the evolutionary process and speciation mechanism using mollusks
Assistant Professor HIRANO Takahiro
Evolutionary ecology, Conservation biology, Malacology, Paleobiology