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Chemical Biology


Analytical Bioorganic Chemistry

Analytical Bioorganic Chemistry

The Arimoto Group is a chemical biology laboratory.
We are also members of the Faculty of Agriculture and teach organic and analytical chemistry courses for undergraduate students.



Research Overview

The Arimoto Group studies biologically active small molecules that contribute to human healthcare. Research in the lab is currently focused on three major areas: regulatory mechanisms of autophagy through nitric oxide signaling in the innate immune response to bacterial infection; development of antibacterial agents against vancomycin-resistant strains; and organic synthesis of natural products. We utilize diverse chemical and biological techniques including eukaryotic and bacterial cell cultures, biochemistry, molecular biology, organic synthesis, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

URLs http://www.agri.tohoku.ac.jp/bunseki/index-j.html↵http://www.agri.tohoku.ac.jp/bunseki/ArimotoGroup.html

Faculty Members

Professor ARIMOTO Hirokazu
  • Chemical biology of autophagy
  • Discovery of new antibacterials
  • Total synthesis of biologically active natural products
  • New synthetic methodology of oxidation/reduction
Assistant Professor TAKAHASHI Daiki
  • Chemical biology
  • Cell biology