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Applied Biological Molecular Science

Applied Biological Molecular Science

Our research aims to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of proteins, particularly those relating to diseases, from a structural viewpoint. We analyze proteins by an integration of X-ray crystallography, spectroscopic analysis, and thermodynamic analysis. Furthermore, we apply the revealed molecular characteristics to design novel functional materials. Our laboratory has been established since 2017. We are looking for motivated students who are interested in our research.

Research Overview

We have studied, from structural point of view, molecular mechanisms of virulence factors (toxins, proteins involved in antibiotic resistance), enzymes important for industrial application (enzymes involved in natural organic compound synthesis and biopolymer synthesis, and antibody), proteins having important role on biology (RNA modification enzymes and lectin), huge protein complex, and matrix protein involved in biomineralization.

URLs http://www.lifesci.tohoku.ac.jp/labmos/

Faculty Members

Professor TANAKA Yoshikazu
  1. Analysis of virulence factors from pathogenic bacteria
  2. Analysis of RNA modification enzymes
  3. Protein engineering using huge protein complex
Assistant Professor YOKOYAMA Takeshi
cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), ribosome