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Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Biology

URL : http://meme.biology.tohoku.ac.jp/EVOL/EVOL/index.html

We are trying to pursue problems as to why and how biodiversity has been evolved and maintained. Particularly, we try to solve the problems of why some organisms can evolve to adapt to various environments, while others cannot. Species that can adapt to various and changing environments might have some genetic and genomic basis conferring high evolvability. We apply various approaches from genomics to macroecology to solve these problems, and to predict factors that cause biodiversity change across various levels of biological organization.

These are examples of our subject animals:


Research Overview

At the Evolutionary Biology Lab, we aim to understand why the biodiversity of living things evolved based on analyses from genome and molecular levels to group and community levels using molecular biology methods and group genetics analyses from an ecological standpoint. Particular themes include evolutionary response to global environmental changes, genomic structures conferring evolvability and adaption to variable environments, predicting species distribution and biodiversity response to climate changes, and the evolution of temperature adaptation and of invasive species.

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URLs http://meme.biology.tohoku.ac.jp/klabo-wiki/

Faculty Members

Professor Masakado Kawata

Evolution of biodiversity

Assistant Professor Shinichiro Maruyama
  • Endosymbiosis and genome evolution