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Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry

Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry

Focusing on the unique structures and biological activities of natural products, we are studying for total syntheses that are applicable to the preparation of their analogues. We elucidate structure activity relationships, not only to search for compounds with potent activity and high selectivity, but also to synthesize molecular probes using sites that are not involved in bioactivity toward the identification of their target molecules. We are also conducting research development of novel reactions forming unique structures in a large variation of compounds.

Research Overview

We have reported the synthetic methods for the natural products illustrated in the following figure.

URLs http://www.pharm.tohoku.ac.jp/~hannou/index-e.html

Faculty Members

Professor DOI Takayuki
Natural product synthesis, Formation of heterocyclic compounds, Molecular probe synthesis, Design, synthesis, evaluation, and 3D structural analysis of bioactive molecules