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Assistant Professor FUJIMOTO Shinta
Campus Asamushi campus
Laboratory Marine Biodiversity
Tel +81-17-752-3388
E-mail shinta.fujimoto.c4@tohoku.ac.jp
Website http://www.biology.tohoku.ac.jp/lab-www/asamushi/sfujimoto.html http://www.water-bears.com/
Beautiful and bizarre animals dwell in the marine sediment. They do not cease to fascinate me.
2016 Ph.D., Department of Zoology, Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
          [2013-2016 Research Fellowship for Young Scientists DC1, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science]
2016- Assistant Professor, Research Center of Marine Biology, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University
Selected Publications
【Book Chapter】
Fujimoto, S. & Kristensen, R.M. (2020) Loricifera. In Schmidt-Rhaesa A (ed) Guide to the Identification of Marine Meiofauna. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, München. 415-427.
【Original Articles】
  1. Fujimoto, S. & Jimi, N. (2020) A new marine tardigrade genus and species (Arthrotardigrada, Styraconyxidae) with unique pockets on the legs. Zoosystematics and Evolution.96: 115-122.
  2. Fujimoto, S. & Ohtsuka, S. (2019) A new genus and species of Stygarctidae (Heterotardigrada: Arthrotardigrada) from Yaku-Shin-Sone bank (Northwest Pacific). Marine Biodiversity 49: 2445–2454.
  3. Fujimoto, S. & Hansen, J.G. (2019) Revision of Angursa (Arthrotardigrada: Styraconyxidae) with the description of a new species from Japan. European Journal of Taxonomy 510: 1–19.
  4. Fujimoto, S., Jørgensen, A. & Hansen, J.G. (2017) A molecular approach to arthrotardigrade phylogeny (Heterotardigrada, Tardigrada). Zoologica Scripta 46: 496–505.
  5. Fujimoto, S. & Yamasaki, H. (2017) A new species and genus of Renaudarctidae (Heterotardigrada; Arthrotardigrada) from Ryukyu Archipelago. Marine Biology Research 13: 288–299.
  6. Fujimoto, S. (2015) Quisarctus yasumurai gen. et sp. nov. (Arthrotardigrada: Halechiniscidae) from a submarine cave, off Iejima, Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Zootaxa 3948 (1): 145–150.
Activities in Academic Societies
The Zoological Society of Japan
The Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology
The Japanese Association of Meiobenthologists
Shinkishi Hatai International Marine Biology Course

Recent Activities

Systematics of the phylum Loricifera
Phylogeny of Styraconyxidae (Tardigrada)
What does a submarine cave environment mean to meiofauna?
Survey of meiofauna in Aomori

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