Ecological Developmental Adaptability Life Sciences :
Biodiversity Dynamics


Assistant Professor OHYAMA Motonari
Campus Kawauchi campus
Laboratory Plant Diversity and Evolution
2000 Ph.D (Dr. of Agriculture), Kyoto University (Wood Research Institute)
2000-2003 Post-doc. Laboratory of Paleo Environments, Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
2003- Assistant Professor, Botanical Gardens, Tohoku University
Selected Publications

Ohyama, M., Yonenobu, H., Choi, J.-N., Park, W.-K., Hanzawa, M, Suzuki, M. 2013. Reconstruction of northeast Asia spring temperature 1784–1990. Climate of the Past, 9: 261-266, doi:10.5194/cp-9-261-2013. 

Ohyama, M., Ohwada, M., Suzuki, M. 2007. Chronology development of Hiba arbor-vitae (Thujopsis dolabrata var. hondae) and dating of timbers from an old building. Journal of Wood Science, 53: 367-373

Activities in Academic Societies

Tree-Ring Society
The International Association of Wood Anatomists


Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center, Egypt
Lectures: Wood Identification. Lecture series comminssioned by Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center Project (by JICA) , February & August, 2014.

Recent Activities

Development of tree-ring chronologies for Cupressaceae species in Japan
Dendroclimatic temperature reconstruction for northeast Asia
Dendroprovenancing of Thujopsis dolabrata based on ring widths and stable isotopes
Wood identification of archaological wooden samples

Message to Students

Tree rings have a great potential to reveal past environmental changes and human activities. Because dendrochonological studies in Japan are still advancing, there still are various frontiers of the field.