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Associate Professor FUJII Nobuharu
Campus Katahira campus
Laboratory Plant Sensory and Developmental Biology
Tel +81-22-217-5717
E-mail nobuharu@ige.tohoku.ac.jp
Website http://www.ige.tohoku.ac.jp/tekio/

I graduated from the School of Biology of Tsukuba University, completed the Master’s program in Environmental Sciences of the Tsukuba University, and then obtained a doctorate degree (Ph.D., Science) from the Graduate School of Science of The University of Tokyo. When I worked as an assistant at the Institute of Genetic Ecology in Tohoku University, I visited the Department of Biochemistry in University of Missouri as Overseas Research Scholars (1999 – 2000). In 2001, I became an associate professor at the Graduate School of Life Sciences in Tohoku University.

Selected Publications

Yamazaki C, Fujii N, Takahashi H (2013) The role of auxin transport and distribution in plant gravimorphogenesis. In Polar Auxin Transport (eds by R. Chen, F. Baluska) Springer pp. 179- 199

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Yamasaki S, Fujii N, Matsuura S, Mizusawa H, Takahashi H (2001) The M locus and ethylene control sex determination in andromonoecious cucumber plants. Plant Cell Physiol. 42 (6): 608-619.

Activities in Academic Societies

Japanese Society for Biological Sciences in Space, The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists, The Botanical Society of Japan, Tohoku Botanical Society


Joint Lecture on Cell Biology, Specialized Lecture on Space Biology, Biology B

Recent Activities

Asymmetric accumulation of CsIAA1 mRNA of the auxin inducible gene when peg formation was initiated. CsIAA1 mRNA in the lower side, indicated by the arrowhead, accumulated more than that in the upper side of the transition region. g shows the direction of gravity.

Cucumber seedlings develop a specialized protuberance that is called a peg on the lower side of the transition zone between the hypocotyl and the root when seeds are placed in a horizontal position. We have revealed that the CsIAA1 mRNA of the auxin inducible gene accumulated more in the lower side than the upper side of the transition region in response to gravity stimulus. Recently, we found that a horizontal placement of cucumber seedlings induced the change in CsPIN1 auxin efflux carriers in the endodermal cells that sense gravity direction in the transition region. The altered CsPIN1 re-localization in the endodermis in response to gravistimulation would influence auxin transport through the endodermis, resulting in asymmetric auxin distribution in the transition zone. Also, we are now studying the gravisensing mechanism by using Arabidopsis thaliana forward genetics.

Message to Students

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