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Assistant Professor MATSUI Takahide
Campus Aobayama campus
Laboratory Membrane Trafficking Mechanisms
Tel +81-22-795-3641
E-mail takahide.matsui.c1@tohoku.ac.jp
Website http://www.biology.tohoku.ac.jp/lab-www/fukuda_lab/home-ja.html
Selected Publications
  1. Hiragi S, Matsui T*, Sakamaki Y, Fukuda M.* TBC1D18 is a Rab5-GAP that coordinates endosome maturation together with Mon1. Journal of Cell Biology. 2022;221(12): e202201114. (*, corresponding author)
  2. Matsui T*, Osaki F, Hiragi S, Sakamaki Y, Fukuda M*. ALIX and ceramide differentially control polarized small extracellular vesicle release from epithelial cells. EMBO Reports. 2021;22, e51475. (*, corresponding author)
  3. Osaki F, Matsui T*, Hiragi S, Homma Y, Fukuda M*. RBD11, a bioengineered Rab11-binding module for visualizing and analyzing endogenous Rab11. Journal of Cell Science. 2021;134, jcs.257311. (*, corresponding author)
  4. Matsui T, Jiang P, Nakano S, Sakamaki Y, Yamamoto H, Mizushima N. Autophagosomal YKT6 is required for fusion with lysosomes independently of syntaxin 17. Journal of Cell Biology. 2018;217(8):2633-2645.
  5. Kaizuka T, Morishita H, Hama Y, Tsukamoto S, Matsui T, Toyota Y, Kodama A, Ishihara T, Mizushima T, and Mizushima N. An autophagic flux probe that releases an internal control. Molecular Cell. 2016;64(4):835-849.
  6. Matsui T, Noguchi K, Fukuda M. Dennd3 functions as a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for small GTPase Rab12 in mouse embryonic fibroblasts. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2014;289(20):13986-13995.
  7. Matsui T, Fukuda M. Rab12 regulates mTORC1 activity and autophagy through controlling the degradation of amino-acid transporter PAT4. EMBO Reports. 2013;14(5):450-457.
  8. Matsui T, Ohbayashi N, Fukuda M. The Rab interacting lysosomal protein (RILP) homology domain functions as a novel effector domain for small GTPase Rab36. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2012;287(34):28619-28631.
  9. Matsui T, Itoh T, Fukuda M. Small GTPase Rab12 regulates constitutive degradation of transferrin receptor. Traffic. 2011;12(10):1432-1443.