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Assistant Professor (Cross Appointment) ISHIKAWA Asano
Campus Aobayama campus
Laboratory Evolutionary Biology
Tel +81-55-981-9416
E-mail asano.ishikawa.b5@tohoku.ac.jp
Website https://sites.google.com/view/asanoishikawa/home
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During adaption to novel environments, organisms change multiple physiological and life history traits. In contrast to morphological divergence, the molecular genetic mechanisms underlying physiological and life history evolution in wild organisms is largely unknown. To address this question, I use the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) as a model system.
2006 B.Sc. Department of Biological Science, Hokkaido University
2008 M.Sc. Department of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University
2011 Ph.D. Department of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University
2008 – 2011 JSPS Research Fellow (DC1), Hokkaido University
2011 – 2014 JSPS Research Fellow (PD), National Institute of Genetics
2014 – 2015 Project postdoctoral researcher, National Institute of Genetics
2015 - Assistant Professor, National Institute of Genetics
2020 - Assistant Professor, Tohoku University (cross appointment)
Selected Publications
Ishikawa A and Kitano J. Diversity in reproductive seasonality in the three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus. Journal of Experimental Biology 223: jeb208975 (2020)
Ishikawa A, Kabeya N, Ikeya K, Kakioka R, Cech JN, Osada N, Leal MC, Inoue J, Kume M, Toyoda A, Tezuka A, Nagano AJ, Yamasaki YY, Suzuki Y, Kokita T, Takahashi H, Lucek K, Marques D, Takehana Y, Naruse K, Mori S, Monroig O, Ladd N, Schubert CJ, Matthews B, Peichel CL, Seehausen O, Yoshizaki G, and Kitano J. A key metabolic gene for recurrent freshwater colonization and radiation in fishes. Science 364: 886-889 (2019)
Ishikawa A, Kusakabe M, Ravinet M, Yoshida K, Makino T, Toyoda A, Fujiyama A, and Kitano J. Different contributions of local- and distant-regulatory changes to transcriptome divergence between stickleback ecotypes. Evolution 71 (3): 565–581 (2017)
Ishikawa A, Kusakabe M, Kume M, and Kitano J. Comparison of freshwater tolerance during spawning migration between two sympatric Japanese marine threespine stickleback species. Evolutionary Ecology Research 17:525-534 (2016)
Ishikawa A, Takeuchi N, Kusakabe M, Kume M, Mori S, Takahashi H, and Kitano J. Speciation in ninespine stickleback: reproductive isolation and phenotypic divergence among cryptic species of Japanese nine stickleback. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26 (7): 1417-1430 (2013)
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Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan
Ecological Society of Japan
The Zoological Society of Japan

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