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Biological Dynamics


Assistant Professor MATSUMOTO Hikari
Campus Aobayama campus
Laboratory Plant Cell Dynamics
Tel +81-22-795-6669
E-mail hikari.matsumoto.a6@tohoku.ac.jp
March 2020 Doctor of Science (Graduate School of Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan)
April 2020 - April 2021 Postdoctoral fellow (Nagoya university)
May 2021- Present Assistant professor (Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku university)
Selected Publications
  1. Matsumoto H., Kimata Y., Higaki T., Higashiyama T., Ueda M. (2021) Dynamic rearrangement and directional migration of tubular vacuoles are required for the asymmetric division of the Arabidopsis zygote. Plant and Cell Physiology, 62(8), 1280-1289.
  2. Kimata Y., Higaki T., Kurihara D., Ando N., Matsumoto H., Higashiyama T., Ueda M. (2020) Mitochondrial dynamics and segregation during the asymmetric division of Arabidopsis zygotes. Quantitative Plant Biology, 1:e3, 1-10
  3. Matsumoto H., Yasui Y., Ohmori Y., Tanaka W., Ishikawa T., Numa H., Shirasawa K., Taniguchi Y., Tanaka J., Suzuki Y., Hirano H. Y. (2020) CURLED LATER1 encoding the largest subunit of the Elongator complex has a unique role in leaf development and meristem function in rice. The Plant Journal, 104(2), 351-364.
  4. Matsumoto H., Yasui Y., Kumamaru T., Hirano H. Y. (2017) Characterization of half-pipe-like leaf1 mutant that exhibit curled leaf phenotype. Genes Genetic Systems, 92(6), 287-291.
Activities in Academic Societies
Member of The Botanical Society of Japan, The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists