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Ecological Dynamics


Assistant Professor SHINOHARA
Campus Aobayama campus
Laboratory Ecological Integration
E-mail naotos.biod@gmail.com
Website https://snaoto.github.io/
2020: Ph.D., Department of Ecosystem Studies, The University of Tokyo
2020-2022: Postdoctoral Fellow at National Research Institute of Fisheries Science
2021- : Visiting researcher at Hirosaki University
2022- : Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Life Science, Tohoku University
Selected Publications
  1. Shinohara, N., & T. Yoshida. 2021. Temporal changes of local and regional processes in the assembly of herbivorous insect communities. Oikos. 130(10):1626-1635
  2. Shinohara, N., & M. Yamamichi. 2021. A modern synthesis of coexistence theories in community ecology. Japanese Journal of Ecology. 71(2):35-65 (in Japanese with English abstract)
  3. Shinohara, N., & T. Yoshida. 2021. Why species richness of plants and herbivorous insects do or do not correlate. Ecological Research. 36:258–265
  4. Shinohara, N., K. Uchida, & T. Yoshida. 2019. Contrasting effects of land-use changes on herbivory and pollination networks. Ecology and Evolution. 9(23): 13585-13595
Activities in Academic Societies
Ecological Society of Japan, Society for Population Ecology

Recent Activities

What processes determine the species composition in nature that we observe? What mechanisms allow the coexistence of the species? To answer these questions, I combine multiple approaches including field sampling, data analysis, data synthesis, and simulations.

Message to Students

Community ecology may be a mess, but its fundamental question is quite simple. Let’s disentangle the background of ecosystems!