Molecular and Chemical Life Science :
Multilevel Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics


Assistant Professor ITOH Yuji
Campus Katahira campus
Laboratory Molecular Analysis of Biological Functions
Tel +81-22-217-5843
E-mail yuji.itoh.c2@tohoku.ac.jp
Website http://www2.tagen.tohoku.ac.jp/lab/takahashi-s/
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Since I was a Ph.D. student in Tohoku University, I am pleased so much to research again in Tohoku University. I would like to reveal new functions and biological significance of biomolecules including proteins and nucleic acids.
I received PhD in Science from Tohoku University on March 2018. I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Tohoku University from April 2018 to April 2019, and at National Institute of Genetics from 2019 April to 2022 March. I am currently working as an Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University.
Selected Publications
  1. Kamagata K*., Itoh, Y*., Tan, C., Mano, E., Wu, Y., Mandali, S., Takada, S., Johnson, R.C., “Testing mechanisms of DNA sliding by architectural DNA-binding proteins: dynamics of single wild-type and mutant protein molecules in vitro and in vivo”, Nucleic Acids Res., 49, 8642-8664 (2021). (*Joint First Authors)
  2. Itoh, Y., Iida, S., Tamura, S., Nagashima, R., Shiraki, K., Goto, T., Hibino, K., Ide, S., Maeshima, K., “1,6-hexanediol rapidly immobilizes and condenses chromatin in living human cells”, Life Sci. Alliance, 4, e20200100 (2021).
  3. Itoh, Y., Murata, A., Takahashi, S., Kamagata, K., “Intrinsically disordered domain of tumor suppressor p53 facilitates target search by ultrafast transfer between different DNA strands” Nucleic Acids Res., 46, 7261-7269 (2018).
  4. Itoh, Y., Murata, A., Sakamoto, S., Nanatani, K., Wada, T., Takahashi, S., Kamagata, K., “Activation of p53 facilitates the target search in DNA by enhancing the target recognition probability” J. Mol. Biol., 428, 2916-2930 (2016).
Activities in Academic Societies
The Biophysical Society of Japan
Protein Science Society of Japan

Recent Activities

We construct the home-made fluorescence microscopes in our laboratory to investigate the structure and dynamics of biomolecules at a single-molecule level. Recently, I am interested in the dynamic characteristics of the proteins and genomic RNA of SARS-CoV-2.

Message to Students

We have experienced many times the breakthrough of our research provided by students’ active work and ideas. We would like to welcome new students and researchers who are interested in our research.