Admission and Tuition Fees

Admission and tuition fees

Admission and tuition fees are as follows
Admission fee 282,000 JPY
Tuition fee (annual) 535,800 JPY
The following waivers are available.

Admission fee waiver system (for students admitted to graduate school)

  1. The applicant is deemed to have difficulty paying the admission fee for financial reasons and is recognized as having outstanding academic achievement.

  2. In cases where the applicant is recognized as having extreme difficulty in paying the entrance fee within one year prior to enrollment due to the following reasons:

    ・In the event of the death of the person who bears the financial burden (the person who mainly bears the financial burden of the applicant).

    ・In the event of a disaster such as a windstorm, flood, or other disaster affected the applicant or a person responsible for the financial support of the applicant.

  3. In cases similar to 2. above, when there is a reason deemed acceptable.

In addition to waivers, there is also a system of deferment of the admission fee.

Tuition fee waiver system

Students who are unable to pay tuition due to financial difficulties, who are recognized as having outstanding academic achievements, or who are recognized as having other unavoidable circumstances may be granted a full or partial tuition waiver upon application and selection.

In addition to waivers, there is also a system of tuition deferment or monthly installment payment.

About the admission fee waiver and deferment / Tuition fee waiver, deferment, and monthly installment payment (Tohoku University Website)

List of support provided to graduate students

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