Admission policy

The Screeining process (entrance examination) for applicants is as follows:

  1. Applicants who hace an undergraduate degree in programs related to the life science (science [biology/chemistry], agriculture, pharmaceutical science, engineering [lif science]) are expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of a specific field of biology or chemistry (such as organic chemistry, molecular biology, ecology, etc.) at the time of admission to the Graduate School of Life Science.
  2. A special screeing process is offered to applicants with degrees in fieldes unrelated to the life sciences such as mathematics, physics or engineering. These applicants will take a special test in their specialty (such as evalution by oral examination) where they can use their expertise in the study of life sciences. after enrollment, they will be provided with a special curriculum tailored to their needs.
  3. We have a generous admission policy and a special screening process for applicants who have graduated form an overseas university or have an experience working already been employed in the field of life sciences.
  4. Since English is the most widely used language throughout the academic world, a strong basic knowledge of English is necessary for candidates in all fields of study.