Admission policy

Admission Policy

Graduate school of Life Sciences aims to train and nurture leading researchers and engineers who can become a pioneer in novel fields of life science with their cutting-edge knowledge and techniques. We will also focus on fostering talented individuals, who possess an adequate attitude of bioethics and environmental ethics, and who are capable of developing and implementing the knowledge and techniques of life sciences in various fields of science and industry. We call for students who possess both the strong desire to learn life sciences and the basic academic ability to complete this curriculum.

Selection Criteria

The screening process (entrance examination) for applicants is as follows:
  • Applicants who have an undergraduate degree in programs related to the life science (science [biology/chemistry], agriculture, engineering [life sciences], pharmaceutical science) should have a fundamental knowledge of a specific field of biology or chemistry (such as organic chemistry, molecular biology, ecology, etc.).
  • A special screening process is offered to applicants with degrees in fields unrelated to the life sciences such as mathematics, physics, or engineering. These applicants may take a special examination (such as oral examination) to ask knowledge of their expertise.
  • We also call for applicants who have graduated from universities abroad or have an experience of being engaged in the work related to life sciences. We have a special screening process for them.
  • The fundamental skills of English, often used in scientific communication, are required for candidates from any field of study.