Admissions Q&A

Frequently asked questions are listed below. If you have any inquiries, please contact the Academic Affairs Section of the Graduate School of Life Sciences by email.

Q1. When will the application guidelines be announced?

 A1. For Self-recommendation Entrance Examination (MC), First and Second Terms Entrance Examination (MC), October Admission Master’s Degree Program (2-year course) Entrance Examination (MC)  and October Admission Doctoral Degree Program (3-year course) Entrance Examination (DC)  → From early to mid-April

 A2. For Doctoral Degree Program (3-year course) Entrance Examination (DC) → From early to mid-November

Q2. How can I receive the application forms?

A1. Printed materials will no longer be distributed. Please download it from our website.

Q3. About the pre-application interviews and contact with faculty members of the Graduate School

A1. Be sure to contact the faculty member (professor or associate professor) of the laboratory where you wish to receive guidance by email, and discuss well whether your desired research, guidance, etc. matches the research content and research activities of that laboratory. This is an important process to ensure a good match.
If you decide to apply, please send an email to the professor (or associate professor) you have selected as your potential academic advisor, stating that you would like to submit the application with the professor's name under your (first/second/third) choise, and obtaining the professor's permission.
The professor's response will be included in your application materials as proof of approval.

Q4. When I apply, I am supposed to contact the faculty member I intend to receive instruction from in advance, but do I need to contact the faculty members of my second and third choices as well?

A1. Please respond in the same way as in Q3 for all prospective supervisors in each laboratory you wish to apply to.

Q5. Can I submit my first, second, and third choices in different departments?

A1. There is no problem. It does not matter if the fields of study you wish to apply to are from different departments.

Q6. How do I select the question for the basic academic skills examination?

A1. Please check this with the prospective advisor in the field of study from your first choice.

Q7. I would like to have the original certificates and English scores submitted at the time of application returned, is this possible?

A1. As a general rule, the application documents cannot be returned after the application has been accepted.

A2. English language scores can be reissued and cannot be returned. If you need the score for scholarships or applications to other departments, etc., please apply to the relevant English test center for multiple copies of the score, or make a photocopy of the score before submitting your application.

Q9. Regarding the announcement of results on the website

A1. The examination numbers of applicants who have passed the examination will be posted on the website around the time and date stated in the application guideline. However, there is a risk that the announcement time may be delayed due to Internet trouble or other reasons. In such cases, the announcement will be made promptly on the website after the problem has been fixed.

A2. Only those who have been passed the examination will be listed on the website.

A3. We are unable to respond to inquiries regarding acceptance or rejection.