Degree Programs

The Graduate School of Life Sciences offers postgraduate programs at the master's and doctoral levels in the life sciences.

The Master's program in Life Sciences consists of 4 semesters of coursework and research. Required and elective courses are offered throughout the year. However, students are advised to take most of their courses in the first 2 semesters so that they can focus on research and preparing their Master's thesis in the last year.

The Doctoral program in Life Sciences normally takes 3 years of extensive research. The main requirements for the Ph.D. degree are (1) enrollment for 3 years, which may be shortened in cases of outstanding research performance; (2) earning 9 or more credits; (3) submission of a doctoral dissertation; and (4) oral defense of a doctoral dissertation.

We offer these programs not only in Japanese, but also in English. International students are encouraged to apply for Japanese government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) scholarships. MEXT scholarship students can take a six-month intensive Japanese language course prior to these programs.