Degree Programs

The Graduate School of Life Sciences offers post-graduate programs for the Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Life Sciences.

The 3 departments of the Graduate School of Life Sciences offer doctoral and master’s degree programs in Japanese presently, and currently, there are no programs in English. However, some departments may exceptionally provide coursework in English for students. In addition, the submission of master or doctoral dissertation in English is often accepted also for graduate students of regular programs in Japanese. International students, who are awarded with scholarships from the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) receive a six-month intensive course of Japanese language prior to the commencement of the coursework.

The Master’s Program in Life Sciences consists of four semester courseworks and research. Mandatory and elective courses are continuously offered every year. However, students are advised to take most courses in the first 2 semesters, being the final year committed mainly to research and preparation of Master’s Dissertation.

The Doctoral Program in Life Sciences takes usually 3 years consisting of an extensive research. The main requirements for D. Life Sci. degree are (1) three years of residency, which may be shortened in cases of outstanding research performance; (2) successful comp letion of a minimum of 9 credits; (3) submission of a Doctoral dissertation; and (4) oral defense of doctoral thesis.