About Us

What is the Graduate School of Life Sciences?

21st century life sciences are continuing to experience remarkable development. On the other hand, the society we live in is facing a multitude of problems, including global warming, loss of biodiversity, increasing population, and a rapidly aging population. The Graduate School of Life Sciences, through promotion of research and education, strives to solve these problems and delve further into exploration of life.

This graduate school comprises 3 majors: Integrative Life Sciences: “aims to clarify the mechanisms that control the mind and body”, Ecological Developmental Adaptability Life Sciences: “aims to clarify the mechanisms that maintain life from cells and biological organisms to ecosystems in changing environments”, and Molecular and Chemical Life Science: “aims to clarify methods of controlling life based on the working mechanisms of molecules within living bodies”. In each of these majors, we cultivate global leaders with a broad range of knowledge and research skills in life sciences, who are active in various fields. We have also set up cross-sectoral research majoring in “curriculums to foster human resources in bioscience” to cultivate PhD graduates in the field of bioscience who will be active in leadership positions in the industry.


The Graduate School of Life Sciences is the center of excellence for life science research and education at Tohoku University, and was established as a non-faculty-based independent graduate school in April 2001, with the participation of mainly the Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Agriculture, Graduate School of Medicine, Institute of Genetic Ecology, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, and Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer. Furthermore, in April 2018, the center will be reorganized into the current organization with the participation of teaching staff from nine departments throughout the university, including new collaborative teaching staff, and we will have students studying in Masters and doctoral programs who have graduated from universities in Japan and overseas, including from Tohoku University.