About Us


Department of Biomolecular Sciences

The structures of molecules, small and large, through DNA to active polymers, are inherently related to their functions or biological responses in higher organisms. Our aims of research and educatio are to elucidate these relationships generally and systematically by the use of genomics, biochemistry and organic chemistry. It is important to understand fundamental molecule-based sciences in any of our research fields.

Department of Developmental Biology and NeuroSciences

We are studying the mechanisms how each multicellular organ or life of different type, in its shape or in its way of life, is developed from a single cell. We also focus on the subjects that how the brain is developed and how the higher function of the brain is realized in the higher animals.

Department of Environmental Life Sciences

For understanding of our living system, this department aims to study the genetic backgrounds and functions of diverse organisms in ecosystem as well as the mechanisms for the formation and sustenance of biological diversity, based on the interactions among molecules, cells, individuals, populations and changes in environmental conditions.