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Biological Dynamics


Lecturer YOKOYAMA Ryusuke
Campus Aobayama campus
Laboratory Evolutionary Genomics
Tel +81-22-795-6702
E-mail ryusuke.yokoyama.d6@tohoku.ac.jp
Website https://www.lifesci.tohoku.ac.jp/evolgenomics/
Ph.D. in Science, Hokkaido University, 1998
Research Associate, Tohoku University, 1998-2006
Assistant Professor, Tohoku University, 2006-
Selected Publications

Yokoyama R. et al. (2014) Plant Cell Wall Patterning and Cell Shape. Chapter 1; The biosynthesis and function of polysaccharide components of the plant cell wall. 3-34. Wiley-Blackwell.

Yokoyama R. and Nishitani K. (2014) Structural and Functional Diversity of Plant Cell Wall. The Botanical Society of Japan – Review, 5A:45-52.

Hara Y., Yokoyama R. et al. (2014) Xyloglucan is the principal substrate for xyloglucan endotransglucosylases/hydrolases in rice. Annals of Botany, 114: 1309-1318.

Activities in Academic Societies

The Botanical Society of Japan
The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
Tohoku Botanical Society
The Society for Experimental Biology