【自己推薦入試】TAO出願用URL及び出願申請確認/【Self-recommendation Entrance Exam.】About the TAO Application URL and GSLS Application Confirmation Form

【自己推薦入試】TAO出願用URL及び出願申請確認/【Self-recommendation Entrance Exam.】About the TAO Application URL and GSLS Application Confirmation Form

2024.05.07 00:00

(English follows Japanese)

博士課程前期2年の課程 自己推薦入試(令和7年4月入学)へ出願予定の方へ

1.TAO出願用URL(出願登録用サイト)May 20th~(5/22修正あり)


【操作方法】 募集要項のとおり、
  上記TAO出願用URLアドレスバー /ロケーションバー へ貼り付け、移動
 ③出願用サイトが表示されるので、” +出願を開始 ” を押し、手続きを進めてください。
 ④TAOへの出願登録完了後、TAO出願状況が ” 出願済み ” となったか、確認してください。
【注意】 TAOへアップロードする出願書類のデータは、できるだけ3MBまでに収めてください。
    (アップロード自体は 20MBまで可能です)
2.出願申請確認フォーム(Googleform)May 13~

※学生募集要項 https://www.lifesci.tohoku.ac.jp/admission/schedule/


For those who plan to apply for Self-recommendation Entrance Examination for the Master’s Degree Program (2-year course) (April 2025 Admission)

The URL for the TAO application (application registration site) and the URL for the application confirmation form announced in the student application guide are provided below. Please complete the registration within the application period.

- The URL is different for each entrance examination. Please confirm the name of the entrance exam before registering.
- Application materials that need to be submitted by mail (or in person) should also be submitted by the deadline as announced in the application guide.

1. TAO Application (Application Registration Site)  May 20 ~

[Instructions for submitting your application]
According to the application guideline,
 (1) First, register as an applicant on TAO and log in
   (2) Paste the above URL into the address bar and move to the new page.
 (3) The application site will appear, so please click "Start Application".
 After you have registered your application with TAO, please confirm that your TAO application status has changed to "Applied".
 [Regarding the size of the application documents to be uploaded]
The size of the application documents to be uploaded should be as small as possible (about 3 MB). (Uploading data up to 20 MB is possible.)
2. GSLS Application Confirmation Form (Googleform)May 13~

*Student Application Guide