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Campus Life, Various consultation services

Various consultation services

If you have any problems in your university life or research activities, please do not keep it to yourself and consult with us. 

We will make every effort to protect everyone's privacy.

Student Advisors and Counselors at the Graduate School of Life Sciences 
Faculty Member's Name Campus Email Address
Prof. HIKOSAKA Kouki
Prof. KURANAGA Erina Aobayama erina.kuranaga.d1(at)tohoku.ac.jp
Prof. TAGUCHI Tomohiko Aobayama tomohiko.taguchi.b8(at)tohoku.ac.jp
Prof. UEDA Minako Aobayama Accepted via the Academic Affairs Section.
Associate Prof. KASS Jamie M. Aobayama kass(at)tohoku.ac.jp
Prof. TANIMOTO Hiromu Katahira
Prof. SUGIMOTO Asako Katahira asako.sugimoto.d1(at)tohoku.ac.jp
Associate Prof. HIDEMA Jun Katahira j-hidema(at)ige.tohoku.ac.jp
Prof. TANAKA Yoshikazu Katahira yoshikazu.tanaka.e8(at)tohoku.ac.jp
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Tohoku University, Center for Counseling and Disability Services
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Research Equity Advisor (Graduate School of Life Sciences)
Faculty Member's Name Campus Email Address
Prof. KURANAGA Erina
To Prevent and Resolve Harassment

Graduate School of Life Sciences Counseling Desk and Counselors:
The Academic Affairs Section of the Graduate School of Life Sciences accepts inquiries, and will contact the faculty member in charge as needed. Please feel free to contact us.

Tohoku University: Harassment Counseling Office for Students (pamphlet)

Career Support

Graduate School of Life Sciences Career Support Office:
Prof. SATO Shusei, Head of Office
Prof. TANIMOTO Hiromu
Prof. ISHIKAWA Minoru

Specially Appointed Professor MASUZAWA Ryuta (PhD Career Development Unit)
Visiting Prof. SHIBATA Daisuke

Career Support Office Contact Information

Tohoku University Career Support Center

Graduate School of Life Sciences Career Support Office (Japanese only)

Diversity Promotion

Tohoku University Center for Gender Equality Promotion (TUMUG)

Graduate School of Life Sciences Diversity Promotion Committee Events for Students (Japanese only)