年間スケジュール へ掲載済みです。
Annual Schedule (including thesis submission deadlines)
The 2022 academic year schedule for the Graduate School of Life Sciences has already been posted on the Annual Schedule for both September and March graduation.
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The following information will be updated as soon as the procedures and deadlines are settled.
Procedures (documents and forms to be submitted) for those who will complete the courses in March 2023 will be posted around October.
●論文提出、進学の手続き【令和4年9月修了者予定者向け】・Procedures for Submission of Thesis/Dissertation and Advancement to Ph.D. course [For students scheduled to graduate in September 2022]. 

●学位記授与式及び学位記伝達式について・Degree Conferral and Graduation Ceremony
[For students who are completing their studies in September 2022, and for those who received their degrees between April 2022 and September 2022]
 The Degree Conferral and Graduation Ceremony is scheduled to be held on Monday, September 26. Details will be announced by the beginning of September.
 (The date of the ceremony and the details may be announced later than expected due to the COVID-19).
9月26日(月)13:00〜 式典の様子をYouTube Liveでライブ配信致します 9/14掲載
The live streaming of the fall commencement ceremony【Tohoku Univ.】 will be available on September 26 at 1:00 p.m. at the following URL. Sep14th UP