令和3(2021)年度 総長賞(研究科長賞)表彰候補者の募集について・Call for Candidates for the 2021 President's Award (Dean's Award)

令和3(2021)年度 総長賞(研究科長賞)表彰候補者の募集について・Call for Candidates for the 2021 President's Award (Dean's Award)

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なお、対象は「令和3(2021)年度 修了(予定)者(*)」です。
* R3(2021)年9月、R4(2022)年3月 及び R3(2021)年度随時修了者が対象となります。
来る令和4(2022)年3月25日(金)の『令和3(2021)年度 学位記授与式』において、本学の教育目標
1.表彰対象者:R3(2021)年度 前期2年の課程及び後期3年の課程修了者及び修了予定者
2.申込み方法:総長賞申込書(総長賞申込書/Application for Tohoku University President's Award)により、R4(2022)年1月28日(金)(*)までに生命科学研究科教務係へ直接申し込んでください。 
担当:生命科学研究科 教務係 
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We are pleased to announce that we are currently accepting applications for the President's and Dean Awards as follows.

Please note that only students who completed (or plan to complete) their studies in the 2021 (*) academic year are eligible.
* Students who completed their studies in September 2021, who are planning to complete their studies in March 2022, or those who have completed their studies at any time during the academic year 2021.

Please download the form below to apply.

President's Award
The President will award the "President's Award" at the degree conferment ceremony on Friday, March 25, 2022, to students who have achieved excellent academic results and met the educational goals of the university. Therefore, we are seeking candidates for one recommendation for the award from the Graduate School as follows.

Dean's Award
The Dean's Award will be granted to several students who have applied for the President's Award.

1 Eligibility: Graduates (planned) of the Master's Course and the Doctoral Course in 2021 Academic Year

2 Application Method: Apply directly to the Academic Affairs Section of the Graduate School of Life Sciences no later than on Friday, January 28, 2022(*) using the Application for Tohoku University President's Award.
*Students who have already completed the course in September 2021 and those who have completed the course at any time in the 2021 academic year are also eligible to apply. Please contact the Academic Affairs Section or your academic advisor. 

3 Awarding Method: The President will award the President's Award, and the Dean of the Graduate School will award the Dean's Award with a certificate and a gift.

4 This award can be included as an evaluation item (award history) in applications for exemption from scholarship repayment.

*Selection and Award Ceremony
The selection will be made in February 2022, and the awarding ceremony will be held on Friday, March 25, 2022. (The President's Award will be handed out at the University’s degree conferment ceremony, and the Dean's Award will be handed out at the Graduate School of Life Sciences graduation conferment ceremony after the University’s degree conferment ceremony.)


Contact: Academic Affairs Section, Graduate School of Life Sciences 
       Email: lif-kyom@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
             Phone: 022-217-5706   Fax: 022-217-5704